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Climate Bonds offers complimentary passes to the conference for:  

  • Volunteers, students or researchers: Applications are now closed, sucessful applicants will be contacted in the first week of February.

If you fall into one of the above categories and would like to participate in our 2019 Conference & Awards, please fill in the specific forms and follow the instructions for your application.

We offer complimentary invitations for eligible participants from Emerging Markets, Governments, Investors, as well as asset owners and bond issuers. Qualifying criteria are subject to review and approval by CBI. If successful, we will notify you by way of a confirmation email.  Please email us  to inquire about the concessions.  

Eligible Emerging Markets

Afghanistan Cote D-Ivoire Iran Myanmar South Sudan
Algeria Cuba Jamaica Namibia Sri Lanka
Angola Djibouti Jordan Nepal Sudan
Argentina Dominican Republic Kenya Nicaragua Surinam
Bangladesh Ecuador Kiribas Niger Swaziland
Belize Egypt Kyrgyzstan Nigeria Syria
Benin El Salvador Laos Pakistan Tajikistan
Bolivia Equitorial Guinea Lebanon Panama Tanzania
Botswana Ethiopia Lesotho Papua Nugini Timor Leste
Brazil Fiji Liberia Paraguay Togo
Burkino Faso Gabon Lybia Peru Tonga
Burundi Gambia Madasgacar Philippines Trinidad & Tobago
Cambodia Ghana Malawi Rwanda Tunisia
Cameroon Guatemala Malaysia Samoa Turkmenistan
Cape Verde Islands Guinea Maldives Senegal Tuvalu
Central African Republic Guinea-Bissau Mali Seychelles Uganda
Chad Guyana Mauritania Sierra Leone Uzbekistan
Colombia Haiti Mauritius Solomon Islands Vanuatu
Congo – Democratic Republic Honduras Mongolia Somalia Venezuela
Cook Island India Morocco Somaliland Vietnam
Costa Rica Indonesia Mozambique South Africa Zambia